Virtual Stores Appearing in Downtown Toronto

A company called recently created a virtual store in one of Toronto’s busiest subway stations. Virtual stores allow potential customers to shop in the subway station by simply scanning QR codes with their smartphones. Customers scan the codes, confirm their order, and have products delivered directly to their homes.

The arrival of a virtual store in Toronto has been quite a success.’s application was downloaded more 100 times in the first three hours after the launch of the virtual store, and more than 1,000 items were scanned.

“The whole story for us is bringing the store to you,” says Ali Asaria, founder of “You no longer have to drive to, or walk to, the store… It tells the story of the future of retail – the store can come with you anywhere you want.

Shopping with smartphones and tablets is gaining in popularity. Indeed, this type of commerce, which barely existed a couple years ago, is expected to exceed $100-million globally within a few years. Companies must adapt quickly to this shift, which is completely transforming the retail landscape as well as our shopping experience.

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Johanne Royer
Communication Expert – Könige communications

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