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Vancouver is leading the new green industry with clean energy, mobility and green building projects. The clean technology industry is growing, providing climate change solutions for the world, and green jobs for the city. In this context, the Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, has accepted the challenge, and will work towards making Vancouver “The Greenest City in the World by 2020”.

The city has approached its commitment to sustainability by launching a new Greenest City website in early 2012, boasting social media fan pages like Facebook and a promotional video. For Vancouver, green means business and a better future for all.

In fact, the City of Vancouver’s business brand for economic development is Vancouver Green Capital. The Vancouver Green Capital brand is at the heart of the creation of a robust, long-term economic strategy that will guide the City’s pursuit of economic opportunities around the world.

The convergence of technology and environmental issues is transforming the world’s economy. Vancouver is attracting leaders and thinkers who want to invest and work in a city that offers a promising and green future — a city that treasures our natural legacy and is engaging for its residents.

For the 2020 goal, Vancouver plans to reach 10 objectives. For example, in the Green Building section, Vancouver will:

“…require all buildings constructed from 2020 onward to be carbon neutral in operations and to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in existing buildings by 20% on 2007 level. “



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