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If you are looking to buy commercial real estate in Canada, do not search any longer. According to an international survey, Calgary is the best city to invest in. This study estimated the total return on investment in Calgary at 21.6 per cent this last year, followed by San Diego, California at 19.5 per cent, Portland, Oregon at 18.0 per cent and Seattle, Washington at 17.7 per cent. These numbers are all the more impressive when we compare Calgary’s 2011 status to its 2010 status, which had an 8.7 per cent ROI.


Susan Thompson, Business Development Manager, Real Estate, at Calgary’s Economic Development, says: “Out of the 60 cities that were part of the survey, Calgary showed thestrongest performance in 2011.  Calgary didn’t go as deep into a recession as a lot of markets that were part of the study and it bounced back a lot faster”.  She also adds: “If you are a global investor, you are looking for cities that have long-term potential, for stable returns. If Calgary is ranking fairly low in volatility and high in returns, that makes it very attractive!”

According to the Investment Property Databank’s global property index, Calgary, Perth (Australia), Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa) are four cities with a long-term best return/risk position.






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