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Online shopping is making it harder and harder to attract customers into stores. Yet one Canadian company seems to have found the perfect solution: enhancing the shopping experience with, you guessed it, technology!

Based in Montreal, LightSpeed Retail develops iPhone and iPad applications for retailers. Available on different types of portable devices, these platforms can be used by employees to address customer needs, verify inventory, view products that aren’t available in store and even finalize transactions. The software allows the sales staff to move around freely in the store, have access to information at all times and create a rapport with customers while they shop. Indeed, with LightSpeed Retail, answers and sales are only a few clicks away. “By delivering an in-store experience that is as convenient, user-friendly and as compelling as shopping online, LightSpeed holds the key to getting consumers off the couch and back into the store.” claims the company, which currently employs a total of 53 people in its Montreal and Ottawa offices.

For Dax Dasilva, founding president of LightSpeed Retail, shopping is all about creating an experience for the consumer. Inspired by the Apple store, Dasilva wanted to develop an efficient sales and retail management tool that was attractive to modern customers and retailers as well as iGeneration consumers. The result is a top-notch shopping software, that allows for better store sales performance and back-office efficiency. No wonder LightSpeed Retail solutions are currently being used by approximately 10,000 retailers, from over 30 countries.

Renowned Californian investors, Accel Partners, announced last June that they would be investing 30 million dollars in the company, which they consider to be a great find. Accel Partners has been behind the success of Facebook, Groupon and Angry Birds, and will no doubt, take this Montreal company to new heights.

On the agenda: signing partnerships with large retail chains in the next few years, to accelerate the international breakthrough of LightSpeed​​ Retail and revolutionize in-store experiences around the world.




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