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MAPIC, the leading international retail real-estate event, announces a rise in the number of retailers attending. Some 2,400 retail brand representatives are expected to attend MAPIC 2012 compared to nearly 2,300 last year.

Among newcomer international brands at MAPIC, there are several well-known names in the catering sector such as the British café chain Costa Ltd, one of the largest in the world with 1,900 outlets in the UK and abroad, and the US giant Dairy Queen that operates in 20 countries. Big names in the textile and accessories sectors will also make a first appearance this year, including Calvin Klein Jeans, Tiffany & Co, Baby Gap and Gap Kids, and Dim.


As well as reflecting changes in the market, MAPIC also mirrors recent consumer trends. For example, with a global smartphone market growing by more than 40% in one year (source: Gartner) and 18.3 million mobile users in France alone (source Médiamétrie), new companies specialising in mobile phone accessories will be attending MAPIC, including The Kase (France) or Cellairis (US), which sells a broad range of case designs for smartphones through its multiple franchises in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and online.


To learn more, please read the official MAPIC press release


For the list of all registered retail companies at MAPIC 2012, click here.

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