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The City of Summerside in Prince Edward Island in Canada presents itself as “a small city with big ambition, big ideas and big opportunity”. Its project of Eco-Industrial Park conceptually developed in late 2011 is the perfect example.


An eco‐industrial park (EIP) is an industrial park in which businesses cooperate with each other and with the local community in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution, efficiently share resources (such as information, materials, water, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources), and help achieve sustainable development, with the intention of increasing economic gains and improving environmental quality. ‐ Wikipedia


The City of Summerside has two areas of competitive advantage, the first in health IT and emerging knowledge-based industries and the second in transportation, manufacturing and food systems. Furthermore, a strong industry profile and educational institutions, a skilled labour force with growing technical capabilities, and a sophisticated gateway infrastructure are the main assets of the city. The City of Summerside and its Electric Utility are the initiators of this project.


The objective of the Eco-Industrial Park project is to develop a layout that:

  • Concentrates development to minimize infrastructure investment.
  • Takes advantage of passive solar heat and daylighting to reduce overall operating expenses.
  • Acknowledges existing contours to minimize fill required, and to allow natural drainage with minimal infrastructure.
  • Maximizes the “undeveloped” or natural areas within the property and create links in existing trails.
  • Create a framework to minimize the infrastructure costs for individual buildings.
  • Develop an overall master plan with a plan for growth.


For the environment, Greenwood Eco-Park will include: low impact development, promotion of bike and pedestrian travel, natural stormwater system, energy efficient buildings, industrial networking (synergy), solar orientation, wind energy storage, connection and partnership to nature.


Summerside is currently looking for equity partners and tenants to work in bringing this project from concept to reality.



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