Highlight on projects in Belgium at MIPIM 2013

Take a look at some of the exciting projects in Belgium being presented at MIPIM this year.

Mons Beyond The Walls
Presented by Eurogare (Belgium)

The Mons Beyond the Walls project connects the historic town centre to the new town currently under construction. Masterminded by the architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, one ofthe neighbourhoods is underway on a ten hectare plot, with a convention centre designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and a 120-room hotel designed by Architects + SL and ADM, all facing 10,800 m² of office space (three G +3 buildings). Just 300 meters from the railway station, in theheart of a wooded park, 43,800 m² of housing hasbeen planned (three separate groups and three G+3 blocks). All these new buildings will be heatedby geothermal energy. This entire development is supervised by Eurogare for SNCB Holding (BelgianRailways Group).





Presented by Eurogare (Belgium)

Eurogare is presenting a development for Charleroi rail station. This operation will trigger a major overhaul of the environment on bothsides of the tracks. To create linkage betweenthe local neighbourhoods, a large underground gallery, lined with retail outlets, will open out onto public spaces. In this intermodal hub, there will be improved overall access. The site will be reorganised to give a consistent look and feel; and a denser design. The 150,000 m² of buildings will house homes, offices, shops, services and equipment. The scoping study for this project was carried out by Eurogare for SNCB Holding (Belgian Railways Group) and the Town of Charleroi.



La Strada

La Strada

Presented by Wilhelm & Co S.A. (Belgium)

Located 30 minutes from Brussels, La
Strada, a large urban mixed-use project, will enhance La Louvière’s town centre by connecting the city’s main footfall generators, the train station and the existing retail high street, by a new 39,000 m² shopping and leisure centre. Presented by Wilhelm& Co, La Strada will also host housing, offices, carparks and public spaces. Moreover a new train station and a Museum, built by the region, will bepart of the project. It will be completed by the end of 2015.


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