Minutes from MIPIM 2013 Conferences from ESSEC

In joint collaboration with the ESSEC Business School Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair, Prof. Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, we have produced

“Minutes from MIPIM 2013 Conferences”

Conferences on Innovation, Cities, Sustainabilty, Energy and Architecture


Download the MINUTES from MIPIM 2013

  • Keynote panel: Energy efficiency & resources’ management
  • Decalogue for a senseable / Smart city
  • Keynote panel: Can skycrapers be sustainable?
  • Keynote address by architects: Architecture and responsible innovation
  • The future of CRE: Trends to set to revolutionize our industry
  • Should measuring sustainability be a job for the accountants?
  • Does being green create value for end-users
  • Views of 6 stakeholders, manage innovation for a better ROI
  • 10 golden rules to increase the value of the property asset


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