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Telemaks, Ltd. is a company with 10 years of history. It operates on the federal level and employs more than 1500 people in 30 stores, which are located in the North West and Central parts of Russia. The company’s headquarter is located in St. Petersburg City.

Telemaks continuously aims to improve services, offer new client experiences and expand their product offer.  Each day, in-house experts analyse the electronics and appliance market in order to be one of the firsts to place the newest and most sought after products on store shelves. They have set ambitious targets for the discovery of new, comfortable and modern home appliances and electronics, developing in St. Petersburg, North-West and Central part of Russia.

With their keen attention to the transforming the market, it should come as no surprise that a great deal of thought has also been put into Telemak’s retail spaces and corporate identity. Telemaks has successfully been able to differentiate themselves from competitors by developing a strong service-based offer and creating an ideal shopping environment for consumers.


What sets Telemaks apart from other shops?

Telemaks is focused on the needs of new generation more than other players on the market. We pay special attention to the newest market technologies as well as supply of these technologies in our stores, enabling us to meet the evolving demands of young professionals. In doing so we also contribute to the process of technologies entering the older generation. We see ourselves as pioneers in the development of this idea.

Telemaks continuously improves its retail stores. The main difference of our stores is the denial of the “labyrinths”, which means that the customer has to take a certain route to find a particular item.  Open space and bright pointers located around store’s perimeter allow the visitor himself to head in the direction that he is interested. We believe that freedom of choice is one of the most successful trends in the retail business environment.


How is Digital important in your sales cycle?

Telemaks operates on one of the most competitive markets in Russia. Digital technologies and e-commerce are not only integral parts of the sales cycle, but also crucial elements, which will prove the effective application of the key competitive advantages in the nearest future. Our development in this field is a part of the company’s strategy.


What is Telemaks multichannel strategy for the coming years?

We are planning to focus on the following aspects:

a) Direct significant resources and efforts to the development of e-commerce;
b) Continue to open new stores in modern shopping malls.
c) Development of new retail formats, which combine the advantages of the retail and Internet stores.

TELEMAKS will be at MAPIC looking for space in shopping malls or in separate buildings.


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