LIVE: Innovation lands in Cannes for MAPIC

The phrase “location, location, location” used to be the key phrase for most retailers. Nowadays, although it still rings true, we seem to hearing something more around the lines of “innovation, innovation, innovation.”

The word innovation isn’t confined to the walls of the new MAPIC Innovation Forum in Lerins Hall. The entire retail industry seems to be ablaze with the notion of “innovation” at MAPIC – whether it be retailers creating a digital presence for their brand, shopping centres implementing new technology and engaging schemes to drive & retain customer traffic, or investors simply looking for the “it” brand that will be applying these measures to their future development strategy.


Earlier Wednesday I attended the conference “Innovation into Retail’s World,” where hot tech and retail companies shared best practices and examples of this evolution. A fantastic presentation by Ross Bailey, CEO of UK based Appear Here showed us the versatility of pop-up shops, as they are the perfect fit for the new generation of customers looking for constant excitement and change. Fabio Porreca, CEO of Svicom echoed those same ideas with his presentation of Esplo Moving Mall, a mall within a mall, designed for short-term tenants. Amplifying the importance of digital and technology in the future of retail, Guillaume Rio of Echangeur by Laser said, “If apple becomes a bank ? 60% of clients may say yes !” Watch the video of this conference here.


The Conference session: “Creativity for new challenges into your shopping centres” also echoed similar tones of innovation when speaker Richard Crowther from Hammerson outlined his advice for future shopping centers: “Avoid duplicity, embrace wifi, measure impact of social media, push technology.” Watch this video conference here.


Today, in almost every conference touching BRICS countries, there was once again the notion of “innovation.” A few interesting quotes coming from the Conference on the Chinese retail market:


Even Transport for London participated in a panel on Pop-Up Culture, making a very interesting case for the future of airport retail and the need for us to break out of the mold of traditional retail. In the same panel,  Espace Musées and EuropaCity presented their latest creations, both pushing culture and leisure as key points of attraction to lure in and convert non-shoppers into future customers. Watch the Conference on the Future of Travel Retail here


We clearly need to get thinking out the box if we want to grow in the retail industrythese days. Several exhibitors were on show in the Retailtainment Exhibition Zone in Riviera Hall, showing off their latest gadgets and concepts. WeRobots with Attraktion! brought talking customer service and entertainment WeRobots to Cannes to showcase their latest product and show us all just how creative we’ll need to become in the years ahead. Next door, I was very fortunate to have my portrait taken in the all new Harcourt Photo Booth by RP Solutions. A similar concept to the traditional Photomaton, this booth will provide top notch lighting and high quality prints…in line with the celebrity reputation of Studio Harcourt.


Lastly, there was the actual MAPIC Innovation Forum – a conference area dedicated exclusively to those breaking the mold with the latest technologies and solutions on the retail market. Packed conference sessions and thunderous applause –  it looks like #innovation is here to stay.



Images: Images & Co. / V. Desjardins

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