Philippe Starck draws a crowd at MAPIC

BACACIER has unveiled a new steel-cladding range in collaboration with renowned designer Philippe Starck which the company says represents a major evolution for architecture and building construction.


The range, Bacacier by Starck, was launched at a keynote session of MAPIC on Thursday, at which Starck presented the vision for the design to the conference.


Speaking at the event, Starck said: “We have added intelligence and creativity to the process. This is a small step for metal cladding, but it’s a huge step for architecture.


“Even on a factory architecture is very important. I see lots of ugly buildings and I think ‘what a shame’. We wanted to improve the environment and make attractive buildings”.


The range is based around simplicity and adaptability, allowing architects to design unique buildings simply and economically.


Bacacier says the cladding, which will be sold at a maximum of €90 per square metre, will enable small companies and startups access to design and construction and simplify their operations.



Image: V. Desjardins / Images & Co.

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