LIVE Report: How to use digital technology to boost storefront role

How Digital Techniques Can Boost the Storefront Role?


According to Mathieu GENELLE, Director of Strategic Planning, Publicis Shopper et Publicis K1, “Digital is not just about technology”. Today digital means “to be relevant to your brand’s objectives”. You don’t need to be a digital native to use digital technology for your business, however you need to keep in mind that digital techniques can help you boost the first “media” channel in a store: the storefront. You can use your storefront to show what you to offer: your product range, but also your brand values. Mathieu GENELLE gave us a few examples in order to explain how it worked.

For instance, SONY decided to turn its store into an event calendar just before Christmas. It helped the brand to boost sales. NIKE has a great storefront, making it a true experience for the customer via digital interaction.

It’s important to think of the purpose of your storefront, to be unique in order to attract people to come in. Which is why branding is really important: what are the values of your brand and of your business?

Mathieu GENELLE thinks that you need to have at least one objective in order to be successful in using digital:  “Let people immerse into your universe. Let them come in.” As an example, you can use a simple animation attracting and engaging children in front of the store  or an offer appearing on the big screen situated outside the store once a customer has touched it (e.g. Marc Jacob). It’s crucial to interact with the audience, to surprise your potential customers.

How to use digital to become more interactive and alive

  • Digital techniques should be easy to use and to understand
  • Show your product range
  • “Window shopping” – Turn your storefront into a pre-sale corner: purchase products outside the store on the storefront and pay when you are at home .
  • Generate a feeling of belonging to your brand’s community:  display the pictures of your brand that people shared.
  • Present your products strikingly – dramatize the product
  • Show your product range – show that there are many offers in-store
  • Turn your storefront into a pre sale corner – with ability to purchase products online from outside store window
  • Diffuse and exploit images of people using or talking about your brand


MAPIC Innovation Forum 2014

Presenters: Valérie PIOTTE, Managing Director, Publicis Shopper

Mathieu GENELLE, Director of Strategic Planning, Publicis Shopper et Publicis K1



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