North America at MIPIM 2015: zoom on the real estate projects

This year at MIPIM, North America will showcase a number of projects, including Chicago River Point in the US and Edmonton Arena District and Delta Tsawwassen Mills in Canada. Discover all North American real estate projects!

North America: Real Estate projects at MIPIM 2015

The show being right around the corner, let’s have a sneak peek at the real estate projects presented by North America at MIPIM 2015! Click on the thumbnail pictures to discover the projects showcased by the USA and Canada this year in Cannes.

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  1. The illustrated area in the Hamilton presentation is a stable residential neighbourhood and the City proposals for development of City owned land in the neighbourhood are subject to significant debate and will require further land use approvals before development scope and concepts are resolved. There is neighbourhood opposition to the currently proposed density.

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