MIPIM Daily News Day 2

Highlight on Manchester, RE-Invest, Asia-Pacific, France Investment, USA and more! Discover top stories in DAY 2 of the Daily News!

MIPIM Daily News – Day 2

Discover TOP News from MIPIM today, including:

Tokyo’s financial planning – Japan’s capital city seeks to restore its reputation as an international financial centre to rival New York and London

Pricing, online retail and logistics – The world’s leading investors gather at MIPIM RE-Invest to discuss the issues of the day

Focus on the USA – US upturn is good news on both sides of the Atlantic

Focus on Asia Pacific – Tokyo tops the hit-list for Asia-Pacific investment

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  1. It was very disappointing that MIPIM News had no coverage of the attendance of World Heavyweight Boxing Champion at MIPIM. It is very rare that such a world star attends MIPIM and this should of being well reported. The major of ‘whereever’ is not that important but a World Boxing Champ is a one off.

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