Retailer of the week: Au Fût et à mesure

Au fût et à mesure

The Food & Beverage industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Well-known chain companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC are clearly leaders of this industry, constanly pushing innovative new solutions to stay competitive in today’s market. New, smaller restaurant chains have to work even harder to push innovation and appeal to the evolving demands of the consumer.

Au fût et à mesure MAPIC 2015Here comes Au fût et à mesure,  a beer bar with an innovative concept combined with great technology that allows customers to order their drinks directly from their table, through a simple touch of a tactile touch screen! Customers have to first obtain a card at the bar and load it up with credit.  From there, the customer can access any tablet situated at a beer table and place an order. If the beer wanted is at that table, the transaction will automatically activate the table’s barrel. If you would like a speciality drink or snack from the kitchen, a server will come directly to that table with your order. For those who don’t like beer, there is a large choice of cocktails that customers can order. Au fût et à mesure is more than just a beer bar with an innovative technology: it’s a concept. Electro-pop ambience, acoustic concerts, exhibitions, retransmission live sport events.


The result of the combination of traditional beers and advanced technology is that people enjoy their drinks and food with great music and they can meet new people throughout the evening since there is one barrel per table. All tables are provided with different type of beer so people can walk through the bar and talk to each other. The watchword here is : conviviality.


Au fût et à mesure was created in 2008 at Lille (France) by Guillaume Pétiau, Benoît Pétiau et Quentin Desreumaux. Since then, 15 franchises have opened, in Paris, Amiens, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Metz, Nice and many other big French cities. In 2012, the turnover was €1.7M. Au fût et à mesure plans on opening 5 more franchises in France in 2016. If you’re willing to discuss franchises and food&beverages industry , they will be present at MAPIC 2015.


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