Pop-ups and retailtainment generate buzz at MAPIC this year



Pop-up stores are one of the main topics discussed at the the 2016 edition of Mapic. It’s quite striking to see the number of online platforms making it easy to connect brands to retail property owners. It seems that the AirbnB model has proved to be contagious in retail as well.

Marketing platforms such as Storefront, Nooks, My Pop Up Stores or Pop Up Places presented their technology and expertise to retailers and property companies in the MAPIC Speciality Leasing Lounge, dedicated to pop-up retail.

Thanks to their technology, these platforms consolidate all the locations available in high streets, shopping malls or transit zones that could match brands positioning and strategy. Since they connect shops and brands, and are  easy to set-up pop-up stores in relevant environments for brands, they reduce uncertainty and improve the chances to open successful temporary stores.

Undoubtedly, a great opportunity for brands (pure player or already omnichannel) to roll out a consistent number of ephemeral experiential stores in key areas around the globle at scale.

As far as entertainment in retail is concerned, it’s not about “value for money” anymore but rather “value for my time”.

Major shopping malls are involved to offer more creative and experiential environments to their visitors.

The challenge is to increase dwelltime to get a chance to encourage visitors to spend, at the end of the day, more money in shops. Museums have already paved the way since they have been launching for years now, attractions and shops in addition to the expositions they showcase on a regular basis.

It turns out that theming and storytelling are effective ways to provide families with a more vibrant experience.
The time has come for shopping malls to design and host recreational activities to enrich the customer experience. And there is a lot to think about besides traditional bowling alleys or movie theatres. A whole new series of educational and entertainment activities are available to install healthy, fun, smart and original activities. Bounce or Paragon Creative are, for example, specialists to talk to before launching a new retail programme.

Developers have to make sure that they will provide their customers with things to see (the educational side of modern retail venues), things to do (the edutainment part) and finally, things to experience.




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Stephane Keulian is a marketing and retail specialist with a track record in store concepts and brand positioning. Former marketing director for several retail property companies, Stephane shares retail insights and experiences through his blog: www.stephanekeulian.com.

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