Ambassador of the young leaders forum at MIPIM 2019: Roman Kulik, Jr. Real Estate Developer, Zoku

Ambassador of the young leaders forum at MIPIM 2019: Roman Kulik, Jr. Real Estate Developer, Zoku

Roman is part of the Real Estate team at Zoku – an internationally growing hospitality company. He is currently driving Zoku’s expansion in the US as well as supporting the European team with project analysis and commercial underwriting.

As a young leader and as the ambassador of the young leader forum at MIPIM 2019, an intergenerational discussion, Roman answered few questions about his wishes link to the main theme of the real estate conference “Engaging the future”.

Imagine the future of your industry: How do you see your business evolving in the future?

I see hotel / coliving industry gain momentum and become one of the fastest growing asset classes.

Professional commitment: What will be your driving force?

My driving force is to realise projects that will reshape the way we live, creating more value for the end consumer at less costs.

Political framework/governance wish for the future of the industry

Adapt existing regulations quicker to tackle existing issues, like current limitations to develop micro-apartments.

What makes the Real Estate industry attractive to you?

Each and every person makes use of buildings – to work, live and play. Many of the sectors have not changed the way we use real estate in decades and it is time to bring new ideas to life. Similar to Coworking, there are changes coming in residential and other sectors, and I want to play a role in that change.

As a young leader, what the MIPIM main theme “Engaging the future” means to you?

Discuss what does the tech advancement & changing society mean for the real estate? How do we adapt with the changing climate & make the real estate future-proof?

What are your expectations for MIPIM?

Discuss general trends of changes in real estate, discuss economic cycle and its forecast, showcase the latest products across different real estate sectors.

How do you see the industry evolving? What are the next challenges facing the industry?

The main challenge is to be open-minded about new concepts and take risks to develop new ideas.

How did you feel when you received the speaker invitation for the MIPIM? What was your first reaction?

Incredibly stoked!

Join him and get a glimpse of the city of the future: will they agree on our key priorities? Followed by a focus on talent / skills development of the next generation: do we meet the challenges identified and the key priorities?

Mark your agendas for the 13 March:

09.45-11.00 Young leaders: convergence or divergence – Grand Auditorium

11.00-12.00 Young leaders: promoting talent & skills – Grand Auditorium

15.00-16.00 Young leaders design thinking – Room 4

16.30-18.00 Young leaders cocktail – Gare maritime

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