Is commercial real estate ready for change? TH Real Estate and MIPIM White Paper

In recent years, the commercial real estate industry has begun to develop a taste for technological disruption, turning ‘innovation’ into a buzzword and a core competency for real estate investors.

But why has it taken until today for real estate to start playing catch up, while many other industries have been reacting to these trends for the last 20 years?

However, we want to find out why real estate has been playing catch up, when other industries have been ahead of the chase since the Millennium.

The latest report examines the opportunities and risks that commercial real estate will face over the next 5-10 years, and assesses the readiness of the industry to embrace technological innovation.

We also highlight our favourite ‘MIPIM talk’ topics from this year’s conference. The ‘Mapping World Urbanity’ theme placed great emphasis on technology and innovation, sparking insightful conversations, and demonstrating that technology is high on the agenda for those in the industry.

Although the accelerating pace of technological change means the future is increasingly unpredictable, one thing is sure – these themes are not going away and promise to shape the narrative of the industry for many years to come.

MIPIM and TH Real Estate are delighted to present this award winning collaborative report, which examines the themes of Technology and Innovation.

The Savvy Investor selected this report as winner of the Best Real Assets Paper 2018.

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