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Bahrain may be geographically compact, but its growing economy offers investment opportunities within a supportive business infrastructure designed to help companies flourish,” said Ali Murtaza, director of real estate investments at Bahrain’s Economic Development Board. “The economy of Bahrain is the most diversified in the region, with particular strength in the financial services and technology sectors and related industries,” he said. “We’re looking to be the Singapore or Hong Kong of the Middle East. As part of that we want to talk to European investors to examine ways of making strategic investments.”

One of the bedrocks of the attraction of Bahrain is its business policies and laws which give even small businesses the opportunity to thrive, Murtaza said.

There are many reasons to do business in Bahrain including its central Gulf location, low cost of operations, talented workforce and stable economy. With a track record of pioneering under its belt, Bahrain continues to move forward with policies and reforms that empower businesses and industries to establish themselves and grow.”


This article was first featured in the MIPIM News issue 3,  read it in full here…!

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