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Jean Leonetti, mayor of Antibes and Sophia Antipolis, told MIPIM News: “The dream 50 years ago was to create a unique environment where university, research institutions and high-tech companies could be located close by each other. The idea was they would cross-fertilise each other and benefit the local and national economies. The idea was right. It worked.”

One of the basic requirements in those early days, which has been conformed to ever since, mayor Leonetti said, was that the technopolis “would also benefit from state-of-the-art and cutting-edge architecture. We wanted it to be a showcase as well as a zone of economic benefit.”

Fifty years on the dream became a reality. “But the working dream is not yet finished,” mayor Leonetti said. “It goes on. We’re creating 1,000 new jobs every year. And we’re making available 20,000 sq m of new space every year.

The Sophia Antipolis site covers 2,400 ha. It is home to 2,500 companies and 38,000 people work there.

This article was first featured in the MIPIM News issue 3,  read it in full here…!


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