It’s survival of the fittest when it comes to shopping centres, says Laure Colliex, EVP of Lordculture

As Executive Vice President of Lordculture, a consulting firm dedicated to the cultural sector, Laure Colliex has plenty of experience working with leading cultural institutions across the world. Her recent projects, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and the Guggenheim Musem and Central Park in New York City, have brought her into close collaboration with retailers and real estate developers.

This year, at MAPIC, Colliex will make an appearance in the MORE Pavilion, sharing her vision of how to fuse cultural and retail activities for maximum profitability. She will also host a conference on the future of the shopping mall. Today’s modern retail spaces are subject to a Darwinian competition that demands evolution and innovation, she says. As the look, location and retail offer available at shopping centres shifts, the new challenge lies in successful reinvention.

In this pre-conference interview, Colliex told MAPIC about the discoveries she’s made working with retail real estate professionals. She believes that huge opportunities lie in integrating shopping centres with cultural institutions, and shopping centres that fail to capitalise on these opportunities will go the way of the dinosaur.

At MAPIC, Colliex will host a round-table discussion entitled “The new generation of shopping malls: What’s next?” Using case studies and concrete experience, the table will address strategic questions including:

• Will shopping centres become definitely “outmoded” or will they be able to respond to the changing social and cultural trends?

• Is it coherent and legitimate to integrate such diverse functions as retail, culture and leisure within malls?

• Will this mixed-use approach reinvent the shopping centre model for the future?

Don’t miss the talk on Thursday, November 17, 16.30 – 17.30, in the Oxford Room!


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