Retailer of the Week: BONITA

The Tom Tailor Group, one of the fastest growing fashion houses in Germany and Europe, will be present at MAPIC this year with their brand BONITA. The fashion brand for men and women over 40 years of age has become one of Europe’s strongest retail brands in its segment. Expansion plans for the Group will remain primarily in its sales to end customer; building news stores and more attractive collections.

The group has heavy expansion plans for BONITA and the Tom Tailor brands, with the goal of adding 100 retail stores to an existing 1,300 by the end of the 2013 financial year, and boosting their e-commerce presence. Shop openings are planned for Europe, with particular interest in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and France. Their e-commerce strategy also continues to grow with recent launch of the BONITA e-shop, exposing the brand to customers in regions where there are no bricks-and-mortar business.

Lastly, the group will continue to work hard on growing their wholesale segment by increasing the number of multi-label stores, shop-in-shop sales area and franchise stores. This sales channel will be a priority moving forward, with plans for 20-25 new franchise stores and up to 250 new shop-in-shops set for 2013. Their wholesale development will be targeted not only throughout Europe, but also in two MAPIC countries of honour: Russia and China.

Interested in meeting BONITA? Meet them at MAPIC 2013!


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