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Mr. Antoine Guillorit, Retail Property Director at Finsbury and “Best Fashion & Footwear retail concept” nominee at the 2012 MAPIC Awards, shares a few words about his brand.

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What sets Finsbury apart from other shoe shops?

The first Finsbury store was set up 27 years ago by two lovers of English shoes. Since 1986, this passion has been sustained by its new CEO Arnaud Bruillon, who has been able to maintain a high-end quality product, underpinned by a well controlled expansion rate. Today, with 25 shops, Finsbury is by far the largest seller of hand crafted shoes in France. The brand is recognized by the entire industry for its quality manufacturing, an impressive market selection (162 models) and competitive pricing!

How is Digital important in your sales cycle?

For Finsbury, internet is and will be primarily used as a communication tool in order to boost brand awareness online.  In order to maintain an adequate in-store footfall, we have to rely on our strengths: an irreproachable customer service with highly specific and personalised technical advice for each customer. In addition, we are evolving in a high-range market of mainly craft-made products. We do not rely on impulse buying. All these specificities currently make our customers prefer physical contact with the product and direct communication with our sales assistants.

What is your expansion strategy for the next 2 years?

We clearly have a leading position in France, and we will continue to expand in Europe. We can also announce brand expansion in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia), the Middle East (particularly the Gulf countries), Asia and Russia over the next 2 years. We generally operate in direct and we have now acquired an important knowledge in franchise. Therefore, we have planned to deploy our master franchise network with regional main players to penetrate new markets.


Finsbury recently announced the launch of Edgard Maitre Chemisier, a new concept complimenting menswear with another essential component: high-end shirts. Edgard offers more than 150 references of upscale shirts and tailor-made fabrics at very competitive prices.  The first shop was opened in the city center of Aix-en-Provence, Cours Mirabeau earlier this year. Two or three branches are announced for Paris next year before opening recruitment to the franchise in 2014.

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