Retailer of the Week: Praiaz

Recently launched in April 2013, Praiaz shoes are the brilliant result of a dynamic French and Brazilian duo on a mission to live life to the fullest, while never skipping a beat.

Derived from the Portuguese word “praias”, meaning “beaches”, Praiaz offers stylish all-terrain beach shoes that allow its wearers to enjoy an active lifestyle with a seamless transition between each of the day’s activities –sea, sand, socializing.

Available for men and women, Praiaz shoes are practical for running, swimming and dancing; yet are smart enough for a night out on the town. Each pair is water resistant, ultra light, odor resistant, dirt proof, buoyant and beach scented with the sweet perfume of coconut, vanilla and monoï.

An online boutique is not yet open; however those lucky enough to be in Europe have the chance to get their hands on a pair of these ultra-versatile shoes at the Praiaz flagship store in Saint Tropez (pictured above) and in select locations across Paris and Italy.

Want to learn more about Praiaz’s future plans for expansion? Meet them at MAPIC this November!

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Top image credit: Masson


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