Retailer of the Week: Stone by Stone

This Portuguese Retailer is no newbie to the precious stone and mineral market. For over 30 years, the family ran a rock and mineral business in Lisbon before launching its first jewellery store in 2002.  Stone by Stone enhances the natural beauty of precious stones found in various corners of the globe by applying a truly unique modern design to each and every piece of jewelry, differentiating itself from competitors and accessorizing women with sophisticated high value products at an affordable price.

With a strong brand image and advance marketing strategy, the goal of the brand is to

expand their current network of shops. Short-term expansion plans aim to create up to 5 more shops in Portugal, strengthening its position in the country and maintaining its reputation as the largest operator in its segment in Portugal. After recent success with their 4 new shops in Madrid, the brand also has hopes to continue expansion throughout Spain.

We had a few words with the Expansion Manager of Stone by Stone, Victor Pereira, who is enthusiastic about the future of this young brand.


Perhaps you can tell us more about the brand’s expansion plans for the next2-5 years?

Strategically, our main goal is to close partnerships with professional Retail Operators globally. We are now negotiating operations in Brazil, Mexico and in the United States. We would like to expand our brand through monobrand and department stores in selected markets, giving close attention to the travel retail business (In-flight sales & Duty Free).


How is digital commerce having an impact on your in-store traffic?

We’ve been experiencing expansion in digital commerce: a direct reflection of growing brand awareness and, as a consequence, an increase in store traffic. We see both as a complement of each other, that shouldn’t be dissociated. So, we are investing lot of effort to make Stone by Stone more known and to increase customer loyalty.

This creates a huge impact when we talk about becoming international. We are currently developing a new website, online store, and a digital catalogue (intranet) that will be the channel of communication with our partners and other solutions which should be operational in a few months.


Can you let  us know what you hope to achieve at MAPIC this year?

The international validity of our concept has been proved as a result of the success with international customers in our stores (mainly the ones in the Airports in Portugal) and the numerous requests we have received from international players that wishing to franchise the concept. So, what we hope from MAPIC is take this great opportunity to present our brand on a global scale and get in touch with retail operators from Europe, CIS and Middle East.

Interested in learning more about Stone by Stone? Set up an appointment now and meet them this fall at MAPIC.

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