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According to EuroMonitor International, toys and games registered positive growth in 2011 in almost all categories, mainly caused by increased sales of video games, thanks to the launch of new hand-held consoles and games and dynamic growth in digital games. Although the Turkish toys and games market is dominated by global producers, there is a growing demand in Turkey for innovative products at a more reasonable price.


Toyzz Shop is an industry-leading brand which is 100% domestically owned, with toys imported from 14 different countries and dozens of companies selling in the domestic market. They opened its 100th store in 2013, and currently have 95 stores in 29 cities of Turkey, with 30 stores in Istanbul.

Toyzz Shop stores are known for their amusing and fun shopping environment, with quality, intelligent toys for all ages! Their large diversity of products welcome customers with a wide range of branded and licensed products, which are quality-tested, and aimed at proving customer satisfaction, not to mention  good prices and payment options. Its range of products include stuffed toys, soft dolls, bicycles, scooters, open-air toys, remote controlled cars, cartoon characters and hobby items.


The main aim of the Toyzz Shop is to follow the ever-changing and growing toy sector in order to create high quality products at an affordable price that can positively affect children’s emotional and physical development.


“We have experienced rapid growth in a short time thanks to our valued customers. For this reason, we thank you very much.”


Turkish Retailer TOYZZ SHOP will be present at MAPIC this year seeking to fuel their expansion plans throughout Turkey. Check out all Turkish retailers at MAPIC here!


Learn more about Turkey’s participation at MAPIC and our dedicated programme to this exciting Country of Honour!

Source: Toyzz Shop Oyuncakçınızz

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