Retailer of Week: Cellairis

The overall mobile phone accessories market which includes feature phones and smartphones is valued at $36 billion for 2012. The forecast for 2017 is expected to be $38 billion for smartphone accessories alone. It should come as no big surprise then that we are seeing a growing number of smartphone accessory retailers. Gone are the days that brands like Apple, Nokia and Samsung dominate the market in mobile phone accessories. Our smartphones have become precious extensions of our personal identity and as result, require more lavish attention. That’s why innovative retailers such as Cellairis have come up with a simple and efficient response to this market demand: Providing a vast selection of high quality and stylish case designs to dress your smartphone and tablet up for any occasion.

Women have long been in the habit of matching their pumps to the colour of their blouse and more men have jumped on board, enjoying the birth of the “man sack” or just taking pride in their designer sneakers or washed linen scarf. Accessorising has always been a way of defining one’s personal identity, but with the rise of the web and social technology, our needs have become more auto-focused than ever. Cellairis has capitalised on the “me” generation by offering them what they want most: instant gratification at an affordable price.

Not only have they tapped into a lucrative retail market, but they have done a remarkable job developing their multi-channel strategy. With a fresh and innovative e-commerce site, numerous partnerships with well known designers and 700 stores located throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, this retail franchise is making noise. To compliment their online site, they have their own Blog and are present on the hippest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. In order to stay on top of market trends, they have recently collaborated with Justin Bieber, the American teen heartthrob, in the official release of the Justin Bieber IPhone 4/4s case.  Ranked  #9 on Franchise Times 2009 “Fast 55”, Cellairis continues to deliver top notch service both online and at their multiple store locations.

Interested in learning more about Cellairis?  Meet them at MAPIC this November!


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