10 golden rules to increase the value of the property asset

The MIPIM Innovation Forum was a huge success this year at MIPIM. Boasting a dedicated space of 2,00 square meters in the Gare Maritime building next to the Palais, the Forum attracted key players involved in building tomorrow’s cities to come together, debate and share ideas. The conference programme highlighted innovative solutions to maximise the value of property portfolios.

To wrap up the ideas shared and dicsussed during the 4 day event, Erik Sonden, Senior Advisor from Ernst & Young was joined by Peter Woodward of Quest Associates and Sarah Jancot from the ESSEC Real Estate and Sustainable Development programme to present the:

Top TEN golden rules to increase the value of the property asset:

Rule 1: Location, location, location

Rule 2: Know your buildling and adopt new technologies

Rule 3: Long-term vision pays dividends


Check out the full list of rules here!

Don’t miss the minutes of the session for a more in depth explanation of each rule!


Image: Images & Co. /360 Media

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